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Currently I use Instant Ocean salt mix. When my LR finishes curing and I have it in the tank I will begin to get some corals. Should I switch to Reef Crystals now or wait until I am ready to go with the corals. The reason I want to switch to Reef Crystals is because it is supposed to have a higher concentration of trace elements and Calcium.
I would finish using the salt you have left and then switch to reef crystals.

Jelly he didnt ask you what kind of salt you use please just answer the question.
No that he didnt he did however state the reason he wanted to use reef crystals due to the calcium and trace elements and I believe I was not out of line by SUGGESTING Oceanic it was not meant as the type of salt I use it was a suggestion didnt know I had to break it down barney style for you jerm.
Allow me to provide some more info. I am almost out of the Instant Ocean mix and I was going to stop by the LFS today to get a tub of salt mix. The reason I am suggesting Reef crystals is because my LFS routinely carries Instant Ocean products and I have inquired about Oceanic salt, but they said they would have to order it. I really wanted to know if anyone thought that Reef crystals are better than the standard INstant Ocean mix and also if anyone thought I should switch to the Reef Crystals. From what I have read I believe that the Reef crystals are supposed to contain higher amounts of the trace elements and calcium so I assumed it would be better than the standard Instant Ocean mix.
From my research it is but it isnt it has been tested and carries a higher nitrate rate then Io, Io is the most considered due to the price yes your coming out cheaper but your also adding unwanted nitrates in your system I believe Reef Crystals is the same as Io and here is the link to prove it. Its just my oppinion though I hope it helps.

Salt Mix Comparison
I use IO and it hasnt caused any probs for me except low ph and calcium. I add buffer and randys two part solution to raise calcium, but no probs with nitrates from it I even tested before I put it in the tank. Moedds if your choice is reef crystals then I would switch when your IO is gone. I also want to try reef crystals but I havnt yet so I cant tell you how good it is. How much is your lfs selling it for? If you want a cheap price you can order it form this link for 31.99 for a 160 gal bucket then I think 7.99 for shipping
Saltwater Aquarium Salt: Aquarium Systems Instant Ocean & Reef Crystals Synthetic Sea Salt
If you do the reef crystals please post your review on it. I would like to try it but want to hear a review before I do. Good luck.
I dont know about the instant ocean reef crystals,but I switched from instant ocean to oceanic because of the calcium levels.The regular instant ocean just dont get it done IMO.
It really depends on the batch of salt. IO is notorious for being all over the place with their levels. I've never seen different batches of Reef Crystals tested but i know that for two different batches of IO that were recently purchased by a friend of mine the CA levels tested at 310 and 470 right out of the bucket. IME the most consistant brand of salt in terms of the levels of testing is Tropic Marin.
Jellyman they were trying to sell their own product.According to their report all salt mixes sucks except theirs. use Reef Crystals.
One local fish store here uses Kent marine and another uses RedSea Pro.
I use Coralife Scientific for many years with no problems,but I do like that Oceanic too.
Moe you should go with Reef Crystals or even stay with Instant Ocean if you like.

Who really knows what the best salt mixes are?
Thanks for all of the suggestions. I think I am going to try the Reef Crystals. My LFS prices are reasonable, so I will just by it their. The IO bucket I bought last time was $33 I think, so I imagine the Reef Crystals may be closer to $40 for the 160gal bucket.
By all means please also if you dont keep a log now would be a good time to start so you can log what Io and doing for you and what reef Crystals does for you should there be any significant changes or fluctuations.
Definately keep us posted on the reef crystals.
I'd like to know if it'd be worth ordering online being as Ive not seen the RC at any of the local LFS.
I ordered reef crystals last time I ordered from Dr.Foster just because they dont charge extra for the weight and I had heard lots about it. I've only done one water change so I dont have a history to report yet but everything did open up really well after the water change.
I used instant ocean and reef crystals for a number of years. short of it, I switched over to kent marine and found for my systems it really worked well. just my 2 cents.