So here is what i have.. I read through the forums about a "Rust" type of algae which seems to be what i have. I checked my lvls and everything is normal. The algae does not change with or without light. My tank has been up for 3 weeks now.. Is this normal? Is it something that that will go away with time? All the rocks "On The Bottom" were white when i put them in there now they are brown. There are no "Bubbles" on the algae and its not slimy. It just looks like rust.


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I am guessing diatoms. They are a brown rusty looking algae that feed off silicates in out tank. Water changes with good RO/DI water will take care of them as they will die off when there are no more silicates. Tap water tends to have silicates in it and this would feed the diatoms and they would never disappear.
I thought the same thing. But I am using a 5 stage RO system, thats the only water that ever goes into this tank...
Just FYI, nems dont do well in new tanks, they need really stable water conditions and pristine water quality - things you dont find in tanks younger than a year old
Oh yea i know i was just reading about them and looking at the LFS. Kinda doing research before i put anything in type thing :)..
Alright there has to be something i can do. I cleaned the glass again this morning and sifted the sand to stir up the rust algae and now its worse then it was earlier... Any Suggestions how to get rid of this crap?
Got rid of mine by water changes and a big clean up crew for my 70.

Lots of different hermits, snails, I even added 2 urchins and a nudibranch. All algae was gone in a week, and algae-free by the time I did a water change.
Leave the sand alone! Like you said, you made it worse. Let time take its course, and nature do its thing. If you don't have the patients for the sand to clear your in the wrong hobby. Like the others say get things that move the sand
Awesome i just ordered 50 Cerith snails and a couple nerites. Hope that works :) thanks for the info..
You also want to get some Nass snails, they will keep your sandbed turned over. I would also return the sand shifting starfish, they starve to death in all but the largest of tanks
I had this same issue about a month ago. My solution was to buy 2 extra power heads now I have 2 blowing the surface of the sand and one blowing up to the surface of the water. It went away within a couple of days.