Rock leaning against rear glass?

I have rock touching the rear glass, it adds a bit of stability to my rock formation, but it makes it difficult to clean the glass back there... in fact i have kind of abandon cleaning the back glass... its got some green stuff on it, but i've noticed the green stuff has been growing serious amounts of pods
The rearrangement after the teardown to catch the Damsels.


I made sure the base rock was touching the glass on the bottom. The prior arrangement did not have the rock sitting on the glass. After much reading I knew I had to get in there and stabilize the rock. Now it's done and I am ready for the Ocellaris Clowns which I am picking up tonight.
I won't say its bad to lean rock on the back glass but be very careful how you stack rock. People have had catastrophic avalanches in their tanks. Its not well known that aragonite sand will dissolve --slowly yes but it will still dissolve. Critters can move sand around too.

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:shock: OMG!

OK, what rock epoxy do you recommend? I have everything down on the glass and most of the stacked rock is leaning against the back glass.

I would like to epoxy in place underwater if possible.