Reverse Osmosis


Team Liquid Force
My dad has a RO system at his house for drinking water. I know that RO water is good for SW fish tanks. When I had RO water to make up for evaporation, do I need to use any de-clorinator or any other chemicals to the water before I add??

Thanks, Bryan.
Nope that RO unit is suposed to do that for you. However it will remove clacium and magnesium, and your going to want to use a type of buffer such as pro buffer dkh, due to the fact its for top off and your not adding marine salts which contain such chemicals.
You dont need to add anything, but was told kent OSMO will rconstitute your ro so its better to add to your tank.
I agree with Bobby. Don't add anything to your top-off water. Add you buffers and other additives seperately.
lol I didnt mean add it to the top off I meant add it to your tank the ro unit strips the water of calcium, magnesium, and needs buffering and being as the water is used for top off, your not adding salt which contains those chemicals.
Well I guess Ill chime in here too. Evaporation makeup water just add strait R/0 water. For water changes, add OSMO Prep by kent to reconstitute the R/O water and establish a strong base for mixing your salt. This will help keep your water stable. hope this helps. keep us posted.