reverse osmosis deionizer any suggestion???


Reefing newb
today i like to buy a reverse osmosis deionizer but reading in the forum a see different option and i relly don't know wath i have to look maqny stage howmany micron filter or how many gpd i have a 75 reef and fish tank more reef then fish but any way if you have ANY suggestion or web page plese let me know i don't know that much about all this i am new and i love it.............and with the help from all of you i am learning a lot
thank to all one more :bowdown:
###### and for those one who help me in the past with my water problem just for let you know my water is ok now.##########

75 gl
calcium 400
alkalinity 4.1
salinity 34
temp 82
ph 8.2
magnesium 1200 (working on)
ammonia 0
nitrate 0
nitrite .1

and if you have any other suggeston about my parameters or any other i need to control you are welkome
I think best thing to get is at least 4-stage system that has a deionizer(DI) filter.The GPD is how much water can pass through the filter and still get zero(or near zero) TDS.Water pressure in your home will determine that so buying one that can do 200gpd might be useless if you don't have enough pressure.Still,you can get a booster pump if there isn't enough.Don't forget a TDS meter.

Some people have had problems from this people.Biff,me and several others have a unit from this company with no problems.I've been using this company for years now.

I'm using a six stage(double DI) unit.I get zero TDS as soon as it turns on,no flushing except when it first was installed.The unit,TDS meter and free shipping came out to less then $130.

Try also these places.I have no experience with these company but have read good things.
The Filter Guys Whole House Water Filters, Water Booster Pump Choices
Total Dissolved Solids/Salts. It will measure how pure the water is (and how well the RODI unit is working).

You can buy a TDS meter on Ebay for $10 to $15.
That's very small (only 3 stages), and doesn't produce a lot of water. You are better off looking at the 3 sites reeffreak linked to. You can get one that's twice the size and produces twice as much water for that price.
Why would you pay that for a 3-stage 50 gallon per day unit when you could get a 6-stage 100 gallon per day unit for the same price? 50 gallons per day might not be too small for you, but 3 stages is not a lot of filtration.
good call biff.

and 50 gpd. thats only 2 gal every hour, thats really slow, just think how long it would take you to make water for top offs or water changes.