I'm glad you all see it how I see it. PRC your right, I've paid more to get pos's out my life before so i guess 20 some odd dollars and a lil stress isn't bad at all. I've quoted their policy to them and they gave me yet another ying yang bullshyt line. I didn't have time to argue really. I was in need to get to work. I wanted closure and this is what I got. I couldn't even begin to explain my frustration with them because I couldn't cuss at the lady. The mere slip up of the word shyt. She freaked out and said she would hang up if I continued to cuss at her....I thought about it and decided not to post the free money unless someone really wants it. U can pm me. No need for anyone else to go through that non sense...oh well. Guess I'll stay local or liveaquaria....for livestock...shoulda just ordered from aquacon ; ) lol
Ha the money never got back on my pre pay credit card i use for online shopping make that 40 dollars i paid to have them out my life.....grrrrr
Can you call the bank that issues your debit card and have them cancel the transactions? That puts the ball in's court to contest it.
Can you call the bank that issues your debit card and have them cancel the transactions? That puts the ball in's court to contest it.

I dont really know where i would begin. It's a pre pay credit card. I'm really over the whole thing. I just gave my 13.99 credit to cottonwood because he had some left over credit when he ordered from them. I did place my order over a month ago....

Like PRC said, 40 bucks to maybe learn a lesson and pass it on to others that ordering from these ppl your running a huge risk.

Goodluck to anyone who's willing to risk it after what i been through.:frustrat:
Dana print out this thread and mail it to them along with the DOA pics on THEIR packing slip. Add a print out of THEIR return policy. They WILL open their snail mail whereas they can just delete your email. Send the package certified too so somebody has to sign for it.
They need to realize what this costs them ! I'm not sure how many members we have but I'm pretty sure this site gets visiting guests about 500 times a day or more. That's a lot of possible or current customers that have seen this thread.
All I ordered was a bunch of BOGO snails and BOGO 500 pods. Got tons of pods and my snails all seem fine, maybe a couple that aren't moving, but I got a few extra in the shipment, so I'm not worried about it, plus its some shells for hermits. The heat packs were still warm in the box when we got it, and shipping was fast. I didn't order anything other than snails and pods though. I'm done ordering livestock online as I don't like not being able to see what I'm buying first anymore.
Thanks Dana for the gift card by the way! It got me pods to help establish them in my system quicker!
Hmmm, I just noticed they are now only carrying inverts/corals...

wonder if this is due to so many fish dieing cold weather and/or inverts Uncanny (coldblooded) ability to slowly come back to life after being frozen >_<?

Was seriously considering buying from these guys around the time you did Dana... now I'm glad I didn't!

Just ordering in the winter makes me nervous! I don't wanna deal with the hassle of trying to get what I payed for! :(

It would be nice and comforting if the companies just put forth the research/effort/calculated risk on their end and embedded into their policy that way us consumers can read it and know what to expect since they are supposed to be the experts... I mean is is their field of work... The way I see it companies like this are just trying to cut corners and undercut prices causing them to become shady and essentially scamming in nature : / NOT a way to run a successful business imo!

I'm glad we have this section of the forums!
So they're too busy to make their mistakes right, but they have time to come on here (and likely other fish forums as well) and hawk their daily deals? That just doesn't sound like a very good way of doing business. I was considering an order from them due to one of their daily deals - but after this thread saving a little bit of money is not worth the risk of a massive headache after a problem order

Are you reading this Reefs2Go? This is one potential customer you don't have
Ok....I was told by someone. Can't remember who but they said when I purchased from them they were under diff management....that said none of their photos have changed. So I assume their zoas aren't correctly portrayed.

I won't buy corals from them period but I might give them a try with a CUC and pods. Only reason being is I need pods bad and can never have enuff cuc and they are pretty cheap from them in bulk...I'll keep u informed north how my order goes. Prolly order tomorrow.
Oh man here we go again......JK hopefully this time everything will work out for ya. pay with paypal like wonton said that way you have a free third party to get involved. Good Luck