Reef Tanks and Seahorses


Reefing newb
So I know everyone keeps saying don't get Seahorses at all let alone in a Reef Tank.

Now, here is the question. How many of you here have actual owned Captive Bred, frozen brine shrimp eating, H. Erectus at all?

What was you experience with them? Please detail your set-up and specifics.

I have been contemplating on putting sea horses in my fuge but they will wipe out all my pods which are more important to me than sea horses...
i have had a couple sea horses and they did great until they got sucked into my overflow and they died there i found them when i got off work like that.
in addition to temperature being a problem, feeding is also a problem. they eat SOOOOOO S L O W. the food tends to get sucked up into the overflow or HOB filter before it gets eaten. That is if they are alone, if they are with other fish, all the food gets eaten. Seahorses make Mandarins look like the cheetahs of eating.

Im in the process of keepingn one in a reef tank right now. I have my koralia 4 pointed at the front glass and so far flow hasn't been a issue. I have alot of rock and he stays combing the rocks all day and he perks up on his orange tree sponge every night when he sleeps. I keep my ac on ALL the time since I dont have a chiller which seems to work. I think im going to move them to a smaller tank here shortler that way I can see him more often. Im also going to get him a female I think its so cool with they flirt and hitch on each other.
Actually its not that seahorses dont like cold water, they can live in 80 degree waters all day its just once water hits 76, alot of bacterias start to grow that can cause diseases and can make them sick. 75 degrees is the boarder line but still a little high. They told me to do frequent water changes and not to have any temp swings and should be alright.
I wish you luck with your experiment. I know my tank temps change about 4 degrees from day to night.

I've been toying with the idea of putting seahorses and/or pipefish in my new nano, but I don't want to give up the ability to keep any corals that I want either...
Biff you could always do a salty planted tank with macro saw a site selling nice red seagrass would look hot.