Quess what happened

Last thursday I left for work,forgetting to latch the door to the back of my tanks..Well that morning my 4 year old son went to feed my fish,He dumped the whole can(a big can).the next day I didn't feed them and I didn't pay much attention to them.Well saturday afternoon i went to feed them and the can was empty.Then my wife tells me oh,nicholas dumped the whole can of food in your tank.now this happened thurs. morning.Well when i looked closer my 2 long tentacles blue hippo,black and 1 true clowns,manderine goby and my scooter,were all dead..I wanted to kick a hole in my tank ...I changed 15 gal. sat. and 10 sunday and ten more monday..Is this what i'm supossed to do till the water gets back to normal?
you need to stir things up a bit and get all that food that has settles in suspension so the filters can pick it up. for your water changes you need to do a couple large water changes, say 40 to 50 percent. if you are not confortable doing such large water changes keep going as you are, but you need to get the excess food out of the tank. vaccum or stir it up for filters. good luck.
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not sure what type of filtration you have,but have a hob filter get some fine filter foamor floss and keep stiring and rinsing like John sugested.
Well I have a little filter on the overflow box and I have the filter material floss in the sump,or in the tray in the sump..I been rinsing it everyday after work..Man my other true clown died yesterday..I'm so disgusted..I'm gonna have to change my tank description to just live rock..LOL..Thanks guys...

Have you checked your ammonia, nitrite or nitrates?

I'm sure this caused another cycle and you need to keep an eye on these values to understand exactly what your tank is doing.

If you give us these values we can better tell you what to do, but big waterchanges 50% plus with a substrate vacuum is probably needed.

Thats mainly what I been checking,,My nitrates were between 100 to 250 on high scale and 20 to 30 on low scale...now its 50,high and 10 low...ammonia was 7.5 now its between 2.5 and 5.0...I know its off the charts.. I been lightly vacuuming..Today I took one of my powerheads and blew off the rocks as best as i could,,,and geez It was alot between the rocks..If yall look at my pics you can see my tanks ..I wish he would have feed the cheap freshwater tank..LOL
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Well,My tank is looking better,,My water is finally checking right after a butt load of water changes...The only thing that survived was my cleaner shrimp and red mushrooms..after losing so much in this tank (fish that my children named),it will be a long time before I buy somthing else..I guess i'm probably to scared...
Maybe its time to invest in a taller stand .sorry to here of the loss,its still better than a ash tray going through it and water going everywhere lol. :twocents:
HAHAHAHA,,You right about the ash tray....but my tank is a lil over 5 feet tall at the top...I have a step latter behind the tanks so I can work inside the tank...It's my 4 year old son,,so I would have to mount the tanks in the ceiling,,LOL,,and mabey they still wouldn't be safe..LOL
Yea I guess your right my 7 yr old dosent like fish ,thank god.Have you seen the screen reptile lids at petco or petsmart maybe that could help.
unless those are coated with plastic or something, they will rust in like a month or less. Maybe if it were some clear mesh or some kind. Otherwise, those lids are metal mesh.
scratch the petsmart idea, I got my lid from my work(fort worth zoo),Have you tryed a glass lid and remove the handle?(the one I have was custom built for out door reptile xcages and I cut to fit my 120g snake aqur)found a cool way to keep my wrasses from jumping tho.
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Yeh I went look at the screens,,they are all metal with coating...Well rarecoral,He sees daddy going behind the tank all the time to feed the fish,and I guess he was just trying to help daddy out..THANKS SON..LOL..I sat him down after I finished crying(lol),and explained to him what he did wrong.
Don't feel so bad I had my stepson put a bottle of baby shampoo in my tank . He said that he was tring to give then a bath the only thing to survive was my clown fish. Told him that he didn't need to do that they take bathes all the time that why they swim in the water LOL. Ever since then he hasn't touched the take because he lost all the fish that he picked out and didn't want to lose anymore. I had to take everything out and scrube it down aa replace the crushed coral bc i didn't want to try and rinse it out. You can say that i had a very clean and good smelling tank after that