proper tang diet?


Reefing newb
Hey everyone,
I'm curious about proper feeding for my fish, especially my new tang. What do you guys feed your fish and what additives are needed? So far I have been alternating between frozen brine shrimp and Omega One flakes w/ garlic. I know the tangs need a widely varied diet to keep healthy. Does that mean changing the type of food every once in a while or just giving them a good mix of different things? If a good mix of different things is needed. When I bought the tang I got Spectrum sinking pellets (what it was being fed at LFS), Emerald Entree, brine shrimp, and rods complete reef food. My idea was to melt-mix-add additives-refreeze all the frozen food. Then alternate between the frozen and dry food. I'm also feeding a strip of dried seaweed twice a week, but he hasn't touched it once. He has been eating a lot of micro algae off the rocks though.
Main question is what additives should I use?
Emerald Entree is a great tang food. If your tang is not liking the seaweed sheets you have, you should try a different brand and color, because seaweed sheets are an important part of their diet. My tangs will only eat the Julian Sprung brand, and out of those, they will only eat the green sheets.

Keep in mind, any flake or pellet foods you use will have a tendency to lead to high nitrates and phosphates because of the preservatives used in their preparation. It's a good idea to use only frozen foods, since they don't contain those preservatives.

When you run out of your current batch of brine shrimp, you should also switch to mysis shrimp. Brine has little to no nutritional value, whereas mysis is much healthier than brine (and just as easy to find, and the same price).
thanks biff. I know they lead to high phosphates, but they also have 4 times as much protein as the frozen. I think its worth the risk. I'm just very careful about overfeeding with it.
I feed my tangs emerald entree,mysis shrimp,and seaweed. I soak it in garlic and marine zoe. I also give them red gracilaria which they love.