Problem with frogspawn - brown jelly?


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Hey guys,

I bought my frogspawn a few weeks ago and I guess I was a noob and didn't realize part of the skeleton was showing when I bought it. I thought it was growing on a rock so I didn't realize it was the actual skeleton showing. Anyway, the right side of it has slowly been stripping to the skeleton and I think it's dying. I found a little bit of brown jelly type stuff coming off it today and without thinking just turkey basted it away (didn't suck it up like I should have) and now I'm afraid it's going to spread to my whole tank.

I have taken 2 pics, one before and one after.

What can I do to prevent it from dying and prevent it from spreading to the rest of my tank?

Oh and here are my water parameters: (just tested)
1.024 salinity
79 degrees
Ammon = 0
Nitrate = 0
Nitrite = 0
PH - 8.2
Phosphates = 0
Calcium 400
KH = 11.9 or 196.9


Brown jelly disease in lps corals is pretty bad. I would suggest trying to cut off the heads that are effected and then do a dip and see if the unaffected heads can pull through. Then perhaps take out all your other lps corals and dip them as a preventive measure.
iodine dip works great, as does as a few other products made my reefing companies. I think they have names like coral dip or reef dip, that general idea.
I have never seen a frogspawn white like that it doesnt look very healthy. Not sure who you bought it from but they should be ashamed of themselves.
You need to be very proactive to beat brown jelly. I had a candy cane colony that had 50+ heads that got brown jelly a couple months ago. It killed me to have to break it apart, and when all was said and done, I had three different frags of 5 to 10 heads apiece. :(

If anything seems to be impacted by the brown jelly, that branch has to go. Doing an iodine dip of the rest of it will hopefully prevent the spread of the infection.
You should call the store and let them know, it may be in their tank. I dont think its possible for your Frog to get it that quickly in your system.
Thanks for all the advice guys. +1 to everyone. I have one more question. I went to the store and couldn't find any iodine anywhere, so I picked up a bottle of Iodide by Kent Marine... will that work the same or did I pick up the wrong thing. I tried getting on chat while I was at the store but I couldn't find anyone.
not usually a cut, more like blunt force trauma. Like a fish might have been rough with it, or a clam/snail etc something. Somehow the polyp was crushed beyond what it could handle. The worst part is that the it tends to spread, I personally think it because what ever suicide signal the cells are sending out after they have received mortal damage are spread to healthy parts of the coral.

It also can be from some sort bacteria infection that was down inbetween the polyp and overwhelmed the coral

And sometimes it can be a repose to expose to bad water quality

and sometimes we dont even know what caused it!

Best way to prevent it - dip your corals!