Probably a worn out question


Reefing newb
I was looking around at the threads and really couldnt find my question.. What can I put in a 12 gallon eclipse? Also is there anything else I need for filtration other then the filter is has...Thanks Shaz
Check out nano tanks on the web- that should give you an idea. My brother has a 6 gallon nano tank with a pc lighting system. He has in it live rock, a deep sand bed, numerous mushrooms, a clown fish, a watchman goby, and a garden eel. After two months everything died, Nitrates and salinity was the cause. When dealing with such a small water volume, fluctuations in the system are more drastic in smaller tanks. In a larger tank you have more room for error. If i would to setup a nano tank I would mostly make it into in invert tank (you have lotsof options when it comes to inverts), and I wouldn't put more than 2 fishes in there - the more fish the more nitrates. You should try to do some research on nanotanks.

Good luck
That makes sence.. same thing in fresh water tanks bigger is better.. more fish more nitrates. The live rock looks nice, and the crabs are really cool to watch. I think an invert tank would be neat... Mother loves turbo snails but wants to eventually when we have gotten not so noob at this... to get a green mandarin dragonett. I will go read on nano tanks now thanks for the tip!! Shaz