Princess Parrotfish


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FAMILY - Scaridae

SCIENTIFIC NAME - Scarus Taeniopterus

COMMON NAME - Princess Parrotfish

SIZE - 13.8" (35 cm)

RANGE - Topical Western Atlantic

MIN. AQUARIUM SIZE - 135 US Gal (511 L)

FOODS AND FEEDING - Varied diet, chopped fresh or frozen seafoods, frozen preparations for herbivores, frozen or live brine and mysid shrimps, flake food, pieces of live rock or calcarous coral skeletons for grazing, plaster of paris feeding blocks, impregnated with food, feed a minimum of 5 times a day.


REEF COMPATIBILITY - Should not be kept with stony corals, can be kept with soft corals.

CAPTIVE CARE - Does poorly in confined spaces, grazes on algae throughout the day in the wild covering large areas, an abundant growth of micro algae is a must in a confinement, peaceful with other species, may fight with members of its own kind, requires a large aquarium with efficient filtration.

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