prego peppermint? or not prego peppermint?


Reefing newb
a few days after purchasing my peppermint i noticed that she had an egg sac and she was pregnant... well its been over a month and she did grow and grow but then shrank and no eggs nor babies...... ????
she had been hiding so much i could barely track her progress but now it appears shes empty.
The eggs tend to hatch at night, and to breed them you have to take them out of the tank after they Hatch or they turn into food very quickly.

Most likely they hatched while you were out and they were lost.
+1 Josh
Peppermints can and will breed in captivity.But the babies are quickly removed by the fish and corals along with the filtration.
ohhhh ok haha i just never noticed them and ive observed the tank every day since i noticed her bulge... i wanted them to be food i have no need to breed them i just thought i might see one or two haha. oh well :)
thanks for all the help...
dont they keep them behind their head until they hatch and release a few live babies at once
They keep them under their belly and wave water over the eggs with those fans.
We usually kep several pepperments in the refugiums at the LFS so the baby shrimp can feed the corals and stuff.
If you see them coming again, have a look at night, they will congregate at the bottom of the tank in a swarm as larvae and with the lights on, they will head to the ligthts but not in a tight group.

Im definitely going to get a few for my refugum, although, its very crowded down there. lol