Pregant seahorse


Reefing newb
Hello, i just saw that my "female" seahorse is pregnant. i say female because that is what i was sold. now, come to find out, he's a male! anyway, i wasnt expecting to have ponies and i am at a loss as what to do next. it's pouch is getting big and i'm freaking out. any help is much appreciated. thanks!:frustrat:
got a coat hanger? j/k, go onto a seahorse forum and start reading about rearing seahorses, also check of mofib and see if they have any info
Gotta love LivingReefers' humor :)

Congrats on the pregger seahorse, the li'l gigolo/slut. I love seahorses, but don't own any, so I can't help you much. i think Dustin's got good leads for you.
Coat hanger! That's a good one! I'll find the site and read up as much as I can. I read that the male usually dies afterward but I'm hoping I read wrong.