Power Compnay Upgrading..Turning my power off for 4 hours. What about the fish?

My power company will be doing transformer upgrades in my neighborhood tomorrow from 10am-2pm. In this time frame I will have no power whatsoever.

This means my A/C will be off, the tank pumps and power heads will be off as well as lights.

Will the fish be ok for these 4 hours or so? Is there something that should be done incase?
I would have lots of frozen water bottles in a cooler that you can float if the tank starts getting too hot. I would also try and get a few batter powered bubbles so you get some water movement in the tank.
On top of what lil fish said, the tank should be ok for that time frame. Some peoples power and tanks have been out longer than that time period. If you can't get the battery operated pumps, just do like I do, and periodically dip a cup into the tank and pour it back in...this gives water movement and also oxygenates that water.
Thank You both...hopefully it won't be 4 hours they just said that's the time frame incase they encounter problems.

Next will be the Tropical storm I have to worry about that is heading right where I live.. I have a generator for this incase power is knocked out for a while, I just don't want to lug that heavy thing home from storage for 4 hours. My tank and TV will be running..everything else is natural gas!
You'll be fine for 4 hours. I lost power for 5 days in my area and I didn't see any problems until around day 3.
Little Fish and BL1 have you covered, the only thing I would add is that I wouldn't feed the tank for about 12 hours before the planned outage until after the power comes back on. Feeding increases respiration and waste production in the tank, and while the power is out you want to keep that to a minimum
Also, keep the house closed up. Try not to let that nice cooled air out into the heat. We lost power for about 6 hours when it was 100 outside. Tank was fine, place only got up to the lower 80's inside too.

With all the storms we've had this year, we have been very lucky to be out of it for only 6 hours. Many people were out for almost a week.
Thank You everyone. I won't be home during the day so before work I will just make sure everything looks good and hope for the best.

My house will get up to low to mid 80's with ac off. It was off for some odd reason the other day and my house was hot.

Next concern will be hurricane Emily....that b....!