Potassium Dosing For SPS Blue and Purple Coloration?

Does anyone dose potassium for their SPS? I've read that proper potassium levels can help intensify the blue and purple pigments in SPS corals. Any truth to this?

I forgot to include this in the title. I have a friend that doses Vitamine C to help with his coral health. He said it's supposed to help coloration as well becasue the corals are more healthy. Any truth to this either?
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I did some more research last night and keep getting confilicting reports. There is a lot of info in RC about it. I might give it a try and see what happens. I'll be sure to update this thread if I do go down that road.
Thanks Larry. The reason I was asking about it is becasue Kelvin was talking about dosing potassium and vitamin-c. So I decided to do some research. I did stumble upon some Zeovit threads on RC which are quite contradictory and all ended in arguements. Go figure on RC...lol

Have you every experimented with that type of dosing?
I just read the English Guide to Zeovit and it seems really complicated and adding tons of stuff to your tank. It all seems good in theory, but I don't see any concrete proof that it actually works.
Out of all the zeovit tanks I've seen,the colors of the corals all looked washed out to me.Yeah,they got decent growth out of em,but the color just wasnt there.