porcupine puffer


Reefing newb
Hi all ! I need some advice. I saw a puffer at the fish store and I just fell in love with him. I am getting conflicting advice on how he will do in my tank. I have 3 chromis a clown, and 2 jaw fish. Will he work in there...or will he make it his lunch LOL??
Yes hes small right now about 2 and half inches...I will eventually upgrade when needed. I know anything you put in a tank your taking a chance. I just really enjoyed him in the store..very personable!
Porky puffers are super lovable fish, they have great personalities. That being said, he will more than likely get along fine with your other fish, however, your CUC may not fair so well.
Your chromis may also become lunch, if you google porcupine puffer it says smaller fish and crustacians may become food.
+1 all the above.
Snail,crabs,and shrimp will all become lunch.But the fish will probably be fine,for a while.
I don't know how their attitudes compare to fugu puffers. My puffer for ever would ignore anything that was large enough he didn't consider food. Then one day my girlfriend woke up and my 6" fugu ate 2 " off a 7-8" jawfish. I don't know what happened. But there was some serious bad blood between the jawfish and the puffer because he wasn't just attacked..the puffer ate 2" off him..lol. just don't let your puffer get hungry. They have very healthy appitites. I too love the porky puffers...but I'm gun shy now. The agressive tank is "my girlfriends" so if i got a porky and he ate someone he might have to go. Good luck.

My guess is the fish will be ok. If you get one and he goes after one of your jawfish please message me. Maybe puffers and jawfish are like the crips and bloods..they just dont' get along.
Great fish. just make sure you tank is in great shape. In transport they can get ich really easily but once they get adjusted they usually do very well.
Gigaah,that is typical of puffers.

I still think your a little under the tank size requirements.I think your chromis will be toast eventually and any small fish.Are you going reef?If yes,then stay away from puffers.
thank-you to all who responded... I guess i better not get him (darn). so far is my favorite sw fish i've seen. Maybe i'll play it safe and just get a yellow tang. I keep saying i want a yellow tang and then something else grabs my eye....Oh the choices LOL!!
Why is it not a good idea? When the fish grows can you not upgrade? That's what is confusing me on what i can and can not get. Some say yes...some say no LOL
Why is it not a good idea? When the fish grows can you not upgrade? That's what is confusing me on what i can and can not get. Some say yes...some say no LOL

Based on what you're indicating - you're willing to upgrade your tank size once the puffer begins to grow; from the perspective I think you'll be OK, and you'll see 'yes' from that angle.

At the other end, for tank compatability, if you have hermits, crabs, snails, etc. there's certain risk to getting a puffer a taking a loss to that specific livestock. You'll also need to A) ensure he's well fed, and, B) monitor closely for any stress or attack on other fish in your tank.

I think the end vote is: yes - but with caution and care.