Pony Tank?

Sweet! Im excited to get this going, but Im still going to have to wait a couple of weeks. Ill get it set up once i get down to to new mexico. I think im going to set it up in the same size container you have pictured above. How often do you change the water in the larger fuge? Also, Im considering setting up two of them, and using the second one as the base in the seahorse tank, so it will be partially cycled. Would you recommend feeding the large fuge phytoplankton also?

Mines and Boulder are great places for all of those interests. But i will warn her, Mines is not for the feint of heart, they will work you within an inch of your life. However, your starting salary will be higher because Mines is generally higher ranked and within any industry, Mines students are usually preferred because of how Mines is structured. None of the classes are taught by TA, and most of the teachers have spent years working in the industries they are now teaching. Also having smaller classes means that teachers usually know everyone in there class they are much more available to help you. Also because the advisers aren't monitoring thousands of students they really can help you plan out what is best for you and what you would happiest learning. If you guys come back to tour the area again and you want to look at mines, let me know and i will give you a personal tour. She is also welcome to shadow classes for a day if she would like. I also have lots of friends that go to boulder if she would like a behind the scenes tour of CU.
Here is a picture of my equipment. The round tub is the fuge. It's slightly higher than the sump (the rectangular tub). Water is pumped from the sump to the fuge via a MaxiJet and some tubing. The water is then drained (via gravity) down the white 2" diameter PVC, back into the sump. The lighting is mounted on those DIY closet shelving systems you get at the hardware store, and consists of two 23 watt CFL bulbs in those silver shop light clamp lights. Since these pics were taken, I have cleaned up that rats nest of electrical crap.



Littlefish, my sump now looks almost identical to Biff's. For some reason, I'm plumbing impaired and her idea of using gravity really works for my brain. I'm in the middle of re-vamping my sump to pull my fuge out of the loop. If you read wonton's build thread she's got some really neat ideas about how she put her fuge in last and allows it to trickle into her tank. It makes a lot of sense because the more pumps that you send your water through the more pod carnage you'll get. I'm kind of obsessed with pods because one of my first horses, Calypso, never ate frozen food. She was tiny and sickly her whole life and Pete and I worked tirelessly to get her to take mysis. I spent literally hundreds of dollars on live mysis and brine shrimp hatching gadgets only to have her pass when she was about a year old. That's why I'm so weird about trying dwarfs. I know lots of people do it without stress but I've got "pod issues" after months and months of trying to get Calypso to eat. Ah, but I digress...

The point of all of this is.... I would think that a bright young woman studying engineering/chemistry who has an interest in marine life who has the summer to plan and think about how she's going to put this together, well I think she would be able to develop a kick butt sump/fuge/pod system. I also think that this person would be able to creatively put together a tank that would totally ROCK, especially if she knows someone who builds with glass and has experience with assembling acrylic and glass structures. Did I mention I'm an artist who works with stained glass? I would think these two people could develop something like this.....MyFishTank - 75 Gal. Seahorse Tank 48" x 15" x 24"Tall - Acrylic, Aquarium, Fish Tank, Stand only cheaper, much, much cheaper????

Anyway, I think your summer project is very cool. There is a pretty neat book: Seahorse Source that talks about all kinds of systems for raising different live foods. I'll send you some macro as soon as you have your salt water up and running so let me know. I can probably spare a few crabs and snails for you too.

I'll pass the information along to my daughter about Mines. We are going to be stopping through your area later this summer on our way to another school she's interested in, St. John's in Santa Fe. We don't have any dates set yet.

Ya, definitely going to order that one. Im also in the process of ordering a few other seahorse specific books. Im pretty sure than i can design an all-in-one tank, designed specifically to culture live foods. This might open up the possibility for a single mandarin tank or hassle free dwarf tank . . . I don't know how to work glass, but i have done a lot of electrical and lighting stuff. And maybe my green thumb will help with the macro.

Im also going to talk to my microbiology professor later this afternoon about the nitrogen cycle and learning specifically about the bacteria that operate anaerobically in the hopes of creating more nitrogen gas, less NO2, and none of the nasty sulfides. He does his research in this area, so i think he might have some useful knowledge.

Also this summer im working with the rio grande zoo in Albuquerque, NM and they have also do all the work at the aquarium so hopefully i can pick up some ideas there, they have a few seahorse tanks there.

This summer is getting better by the minute!
:bounce:Sounds like after this summer you'll be the seahorse expert on LR! WooT!:bounce:

Today, I'm building a DSB filter using a garbage can. Most of the seahorse specific books are very poor, what are you looking at? Pete can point you towards some rockin' books. His class is definitely the best resource I've found for seahorse info, he's brilliant.

Here's a video to help inspire you. This is so beautiful it makes me cry, like in a good way:

BBC - Earth News - Ghostly 'dance of a sea dragon'
I got one of the book recommended by Pete, and it was also on the seahorse source site.

Seahorses: Everything About History, Care, Nutrition, Handling, and Behavior (Barron's Complete Pet Owner's Manuals)

I also got that that microfauna culture book and the guy from seahorse source also let me know there is more information at FAO.org and im currently trying to find it.

So here is my general plan, i would like to design a tank that has two compartment. One to hold the macro and allow for pods to go grow and reproduce, the other to hold the electrical components of the the system, such as pump, filter and skimmer. The lighting will also run through here. I think the biggest thing to figure out is how to pump water through the fuge section, and allow for plenty of pod exits. I also think that we could use clear plastic tubing to pump water into the main system to still get flow, but not concentrated flow. I guess my next task is to find some full tank shots, could you let me know what works well for you in terms of flow?

I also want to do some more research in to the bacteria in our live rock and sand, and see if i can play with maximizing them. Just try and understand the reactions they are doing and what not . . .

Fun fun fun!
You could talk to the guys at the aquarium this summer and see what they recommend. Your horses will be trained to eat frozen mysis so pods are a bonus. I keep my macro in my tank. Look into sump/ refugium designs. There are a lot of possibilities when you hook your fuge to your DT. It will be fun to see what you come up with.

Have you looked into the plenum system promoted by GARF? GARF'S NEW INTERN - ARTICLE BY TREVOR - BULLET PROOF REEFS. that might be an answer to the "how to make your sand and rock work for you" question.

I'll find my FTS tonight.

Thanks for turning me onto both the GARF and Halimeda sites, i will using both of them for sure. It is a pity that the seahorse.com pony's are so expensive, i would really like to get a pair of their sunbursts.

I guess with this project i just want to see if could design a smarter tank for seahorses, and if could design a tank that would be capable of feeding the dwarfs. Or just mess around with it and see what i come up with. I just kinda like designing and building stuff, i did a lot of designing and building in high school and this is nice application of doing what i enjoy. Just something to occupy myself over the summer

Im just going to have fun with it! Im really looking forward to getting the ponys, the more i read about them, the more excited i get!
about the starburst: H.erectus Colors - $100.00 :: Seahorse Corral - Home to hundreds and hundreds of fat and happy tank raised seahorses I don't know anything about that breeder at all.

I wouldn't buy a seahorse for color though, they camouflage. I would hate to spend a fortune on a pretty horse only to have it change when it got to my tank!

I would love to find a way to keep dwarfs without the stress of hatching brine shrimp every day. Abbey told me they keep mysis in the same tank with their dwarfs but they still have to hatch brine. I look forward to seeing what you come up with!

That is true, but they need to genetics to show off those colors, so i would rather get a pony who has the option of being brightly colored. Although, im not sure that it is worth the cost and that i will even get erectus, because i also really like the barbouri. But i need to lots of research into the individual types and figure out what i like best and am best suited for. If i decide to do go with the colored erectus i will look into that breed and tell you when i come across.

Also from what i understand, the ponies coloring has a lot to do with their environment, so i hope to have lots of color in there. Which would go perfectly with my dresser that is quite the shade of orange (i have habit of painting all my furniture really bright colors, a few years ago it was blues and greens, now it sunset colors).

I think what this tank design would be even more useful for would rearing the babies without all the complicated nursery tanks and juvi tanks. You might not get a super high success rate, but high enough that you keep your own generations going and perhaps sell them. However, as a dog breeder, the first thing i worry about it the "line" becoming inbreed, which would require finding other seahorse breeders in the area i could trade babies with. However, this is not something i plan on doing in the near future, although it would be nice to meet other locals with the ponies.
Well, maybe the link I gave you with the yellow and orange horses will be an affordable option if you decide to go with the erectus. Did Dan and Abbey have barbori available? I really love seahorse.com and I use their vibrance to enrich my mysis (when I do that, I target feed to avoid mucking up my water), I'm getting ready to order their red shrimp and keep them in a little 10 gallon for a while. I try to buy everything else from them to support their cause but their horses are really high.

I know when I had a black background my horses went all black and when I switched to my blue background they decided to blend in with the rocks. When I bought my two reidi one was yellow and one was orange. Pete suggested my lights were too intense so I backed off and started floating macro to give them lots of shelter but it didn't seem to help much. I've got some yellow and orange sponges on order right now from Tampabay saltwater so we'll see if that encourages them to change. Maybe your dresser will encourage them to express their creative side!

I've got my glass cut for a little 8 gallon tank right now. I'm going to try the plenum approach and then create a marshy environment with mangroves. I'll be trying dwarfs in this tank. I'll let you know how it turns out.

Ya, i think i will also buy from them because i too would like to support their efforts. I talked to Abbey and she said they might have some around November, which is when i think ill be ready to add some. However, im not really set on one particular type because i don't think i know enough about each type to make an informed decision yet. I talked to Pete and he said that he would provide me in depth bios on each type once i got to that part of the lessons. Although, talking about being able to hand feed the erectus has kinda got me suckered into wanting one . . .

I like the sound of your new tank, i hope it work well!
Just out of curiosity, why are hexagon tanks so much more expensive?

Also, is 20 in tall ok, or should i look for a tank that is 24 in tall?
I really love the erectus' personality. They are little clowns. Mine light up when they see me come into the room, they flash their colors at me, they hang upside down, they are soooo personable. You can train them to eat out of your hand, to grab your fingers... Pegasus likes to go for a ride around the tank on my fingers. My reidi are pretty but they don't really seem to want to interact with me and they get all withdrawn at the slightest change. If you're asking my opinion I'll tell you that the erectus are known to be the hardiest breeds in captivity. For your first tank, I would suggest 4 erectus in a tank that is at LEAST 18 inches preferably 20 inches. The horses need the height to complete their egg transfer. I think that's why mine are having trouble, my tank is 18 inches. I don't know if 24 would be all that much better because I've never tried it, you can ask Pete? Once you feel comfortable with keeping them then you can set up other tanks for other species you find interesting. I would be interested in seeing what Pete says about the personality of the barbori and the great seahorse (the one I'm thinking about next). I'm sure you will make a good choice, your doing a lot of research! Just have fun with it.

I don't know why hex tanks cost so much.

I finished the lessons today! Which is kinda sad because i have enjoyed reading them so much. Oh well, the books I ordered should get here soon. I did ask him to send me the information on the other types of sea horses, although im 99% sure im going to get the erectus. I also asked him to send me information on culturing the volcano shrimp because i have about 4 months to get a good culture of them going, but who knows.

I hear your ponies are enjoying your sponges? you should put up some pics! I would love to see them!
are you going to grow the shrimp? I would love a copy of the info Pete sends you. I think his class is awesome and one of the best resources for anyone wanting to set up a tank! I'll take some pics, they are in love with my candelabra gorg, it's like a horse magent! Right now, seahorse source has some kuda's and it's just killing me not to order some..... If I had my 155 set-up... hmmmmmmm

Im thinking about it, but i want to find out a little more before i decide to do so. Hopefully he will publish his book soon, i think it will be an amazing resource.