plz help. i cant get rid of my nitrates!!!


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hey fellaz

i have a 30gal tank with a wet/dry filter. hold approx 50gal. i ahve 50 pounds live rock and 40 pounds live sand. my tanks been running for 7 weeks. i have 0 ammonia and 0 nitrites. but my nitrates have been about 30-40. no matter how big of a water change i do and using different sources of water.

whats going on?

a few days ago i changed out my filter pads in the top of my wet/dry which were some what dirty. and still the same problem. im using pot scrubbies in my wet/dry instead of bio-balls. some one had suggested maybe my pot scrubbies were dirty and maybe thats were there coming from. but there very clean. my filter pads catch the crap . im going crazy. i cant figure it out. also people suggested i use live rock/rubble im my wet/dry instead but i cant afford to buy enough to replace my current media.

what can i do?

You don't need to use "live" rock rubble in your sump. You can just get base rock to seed.

Do you have any fish in the tank yet?
"I" don't think its my filter media. I've seen tons of tanks that use pot scrubbies and they work just fine. why would mine not work? and like I said there shinny clean. not covered in crap.

if I was to change to rock in my filter how much.would I need?

and I have no fish in my tank. just a few invertebrates
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If i were you I'd take a sample of my tank water to a LFS and ask them to test it for me. In some stores the test is free, in others you have to pay a small fee for it, but this way you will have another source just to be sure that the reading your having with your test kit is accurate.

It can be also that your test kit is giving you wrong readings, because after a water change you should see a change in the nitrates. If they are staying high, either your test kit is not accurate (perhaps it's already expired) or because something in your tank keeps feeding them.


I'm not sure what kind of water you are using, but I'd recommend you to use RO/DI water. Your water source is very important it can be the reason for your high nitrates too.

You should also test for phosphates because I believe they can feed your nitrates too. Try buying a test kit for them and do it to see how low or high they are in your tank.

I use the API test kits to test for nitrates, nitrites, PH, phosphates, ammonia and so far they have been giving me good readings, but you can also try salifert or red sea.

My best advice, stay calm. You will be able to control those nitrates soon.