Placement of new torch coral


Reefing newb
I got a torch coral yesterday. This is my first coral! :bounce:
It's small with two heads. I am wondering how far down in the tank to put it. I don't want to fry it with too much light. My tank is 24" deep. The light its under is a 250W MH. The light is 10" above the water and 24" above the torch coral. I could move it 6" lower and still have it on a rock. or 8" down to the sand. The tank it came from had the same lighting except I didn't have a tape measure to check how high it was above the coral.

Its getting a moderate flow and looks good today. I have two 250W lights, its under the middle of one right now. I fixed it in place with some two part putty made for use on corals.
I think with torches, flow is more important than lighting. They do not like areas of high flow -- it tends to rip the flesh right off the skeleton. So be sure that the coral is only gently waving, not being blasted.
Day three and going strong.


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