Phyto for copepod breeding


The Tennis Pro Reefer
anyone recommend a brand of Phyto. There seems to be a lot of choices and some have different particle sizes and concentration and what not.

I was throwing some trash away and noticed a 2.5 g tank in the dumpster, I washed it and took the Dora the Explora stickers off it and I am gonna set it up for copepod production for my mandarin, other fish, and LFS corals to munch on. Also it will be fun to act like a mad scientist.
I know the rep for DT's and he gave me a few bottles to try. Unfortunately, I really didn't have a need for it and the bottles expired. I will say it's green and stinks Not sure about other brands, but DT's Phyto must be refrigerated and has an expiration date.
DTs is a good brand.Its actually supposed to be live phyto.And like Capt said,you got to keep it in the fridge.Brightwell Aquatics is another good brand for phyto.
I used DT's free sample bottle I got from a show, I can't say if it was good or not b/c my clams died, but it did smell awful.
Dr. G's if you have it in Jersey.
He is in Ft. Lauderdale and I see a lot of local shops carrying him now.

I had a HUGE copepod explosion when I used his live phyto.