phosphate reactors


Reefing newb
thinking of buying a 2 little fishes phosphate reactor to install in my sump, i have plenty of room and they seem to be inexpensive, as well as helping to control algea food

any pros and cons i should know about????
I've never used one.But I've never heard of any drawbacks from em.
I'd figure they would be more effective than dropping a bag in the sump.
There really isn't a downside to them, I think they are one of the best things to add to a tank as they are cheap and effective.
I use one also. If you're not running phosphate media in it, you can run carbon, or ChemiPure, or anything else you want.
I have one in my system running GAC for phosphate and is hunting for another one to run carbon and chemipure on it. you can find a used one for 25 busks with pump.