peppermint shrimp?

Im adding my clarkiis tomorrow. I know adding 2 baby clowns is enough of aa start bioload alredy, but would adding a peppermint shrimp be a bad idea since this is my start?

Also if I have 2 peppermint shrimp, would it be to much to later have 1-2 scarlett skunk in my 55 or is that to many shrimp all together?
I would choose the scarlett skunk cleaner shrimps over the peppermints.Peppermints are good at removing small aiptaisia but they wont discriminate and on occasion munch on polyps and other softies.You might be able to add them,but I would wait at least a couple of weeks after the fish are in.Do you have a small clean up crew(snails and crabs) yet if not go that way first
I could not agree more. I would go with the scarletts. peppermint shrimp are notorious for muching on softies, I had a peppermint almost demolish a acan lord colony, it literally ripped each polyp open to get at the food inside. and they are hit and miss when it comes to aptasia. if they have something other than aptasia to eat they will eat the other stuff first.
ok ill get 2 skunks then. I just spent my last hour acclimating the clarkiis and they picked an overhang to hang out under. I dont have aptaisa, i just thought they were kinda cute. I dont plan on having softies, maybe small rock of zoos on the sand at most later on. Ill have mainly sps.