Peppermint Shrimp, Cleaner Shrimp, and Fire Shrimp...Oh My!


Turk of Budda
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I just bought a fire shrimp to go along with my peppermint and cleaner. Pepperming seems to be fine, my cleaner isn't as active since I added the fire shrimp. Is he going to be ok?

Thanks in advance.

I found the same result with my cleaner shrimp once i added a fire shrimp ... the fire shrimp tends to be aggressive towards my cleaner shrimp
My pepperment and cleaner shrimp hasnt changed their habits at since I added the fire shrimp.If anything their out more often.
I have all three shrimps you mentioned plus sexy shrimps too.The skunk cleaner has a cleaning station on one side of the tank and the fire shrimp has a cleaning station on the other side.When they do cross path,they ignore each other.
They should get along fine. Every animal is different though, but none of those shrimp is known to be aggressive towards other animals (unlike coral banded shrimp).
every critter, coral, and fish is different and alot in purchasing livestock is a hit and miss as to weither they will act like we have heard they do or how you expect them to act.