Pellet Feeding


Mystery Wrasse
I feed my fish mixed cubes, but also just picked up "New Life Spectrum Pellets".
Has anyone used them or have any thoughts. Only plan on using once in a blue moon when I cant feed & my wife is home.
From what I've seen at the LFS,the fish seem to eat em pretty good.But I've only used them to feed at the LFS too.So take take it for what its worth with limited experince.
I've heard good things about them on other forums but, I'm not a fan of putting any kind of flake/pellet foods in my tank.
Maybe I don't know what I'm doing, but I feed these to my fish all the time and they seem to be doing well and like them. The only other food I feed them is frozen brine shrimp that I dissolve and squirt in with a turkey baster and yes, occasionally (but not very often) I feed them some flake food.

I'd be interested in seeing what else others are feeding.
I also feed my fish Spectrum pellets. I also feed krill, blood worms, mysis, cyclops, brine with spirulina and reef caviar. Main food source is the pellets though. Pellets are fed 5 times a week. I have no ill effects from feeding with any kind of pellets.
Get your finger wet and shake it so its not dripping. Carefully dab the pellets so you get 5-10 on your finger tip. Push your finger under water near a power head. Now everyone has to chase the food and some gets shot to the bottom quicker.
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New Life Spectrum makes a good food. Not that it means anything, but over on Wet Web Media, the only food endorsed by them is NLS pellets.

I feed a variety of things to my tank, but one of them is New Life Spectrum pellets. I have a few 'Expert Only' fish - and I've never had a problem getting them to take the NLS pellets

I think its a quality pellet food
I just bought these from BRS as I don't always feel like messing with the frozen foods. They have reviews on that site if you want to check out what other people have to say about it.
I am curious as well, I know to stay away from flakes and was hoping that these were a giant step up from flake...
That's all i use for my office nano.
At home i alternate between frozen Rod's Food and Dianichi Pellets. Two varieties of the pellets, one for herbivores and one for carnivores.