Pair of Clowns

I was thinking of getting a pair of either maroon clowns or a pair of clarki's (sebae) clownfish. Ideally I'm wondering if it would be possible to keep 4 ( a pair of each) safely in my 120 gallon tank. I have 2 anenomes , one seabe and one bubble tip. I know your not supposed to mix clown pairs but is it impossible? Would another species of clowns go better together? Any input is welcomed. Also does anybody know where they sell onyx clowns? Thanks!
I dont know about mixing them, but if you ask your lfs they can most likely order them for you. They will cost aroud 30 to 40 each.
I've heard of people keeping two pairs successfully if the tank is big enough. I think you'd just have to try it to see if it'll work.
Hey mike you can keep em however there will be agression even in a large tank when it comes to food and space you will see agression I am still getting that 55 from you plus I have the 125 go ahead and get them if you cant get them to straighten out I will buy a pair from you. I had a saddleback, sebae, and mated maroon pair in a 55 2 yrs ago when jerm killed em.
If you plan on adding two pair try and add them all at the same time. How long has this been up and running? If it is a fairly new set-up then I wouldn't add them all at once. I'd wait until it is established and then make the additions. Just my thoughts.
i'd be careful of adding those two together. the maroon clown is prob the most aggressive clown that there is (clarki's are pretty aggressive also). what about some Percs or ocellaris pairs if you really want to have two sets.
Hey jelly what was the realy agressive one that you had? Out of all the clowns you had wasn't there only one that would chase the others?