Octopus Extreme 200 has arrived!


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Man, this thing is a beast! I'm not used to big tank skimmers, but this thing looks like a monster! First things first, build quality looks excellent, very solid, all cuts are clean, adhesions are spotless. O-rings are silicone, which looks clean, but is alot softer than rubber. Did I say it was big? Putting it together was alot easier than the HOB I had. The ONLY thing I can complain about was they are supposed to come with mesh, mine didn't. That and they said footprint is 11.5X13 so I made my pump according to that. It only fits if I get rid of the elbow on the outlet and end it at the tee. Is the elbow going to make a difference? Should I remove the baffles and extend into the fuge area to make it fit?

I won't have a detailed review for quite awhile, but initial impressions are I got more than my money's worth!!!!

And of course, the pics!







This should give you an idea of the size, Piper our lab is 80lbs, and Diesel our Boxer is about 65!!!
correction, I'm officially an idiot. All I had to do was spin the Tee on the discharge, so the elbow swung towards the skimmer instead of straight out from it. Fits within their footprint no problem....
I have the same skimmer :D Where did you get yours from? I got mine from Reef Specialty and they put a mesh wheel in the box with my skimmer.
I'm Canadian, I got mine from an online retailer here in Ontario called Reef Perfection. It is rated for 225 gallons with medium bioload, 185 with heavy bioload. I'm hoping it will do my 180 well, everyone who owns one says it will. Price was only 339.99 canadian.
I've seen a lot of good reviews on it too. I'm still a bit from putting water in my tank but I'm going to run mine with the regular pinwheel and maybe after 3 or 4 months try the mesh to see if I notice a difference.