nudi branch?


Reefing newb
i think i have them on my zoas... they keep closing wierd and i noticed a little thing moving on them that i thought was a part of the zoa... what do they do? what do they look like? how do i get rid of them? how did i get them? what do the egg sacs look like? sorry if its a lot of questions..
i just took my zoo frag out, and plucked what i though was a nudi branch... and deystroyed what i think were two egg sacs...
I'm pretty sure he did freshwater dips... I looked for the thread but I couldn't find it...
Sorry I can't help you more!
The little guy with the orange legs is the nudibranch that I caught

You should fresh water dip all of your zoas and possibly an iodine dip as well. When you dip them, if you see any more nudis or their eggs just pick them off. It'll probably take you a while to get all the eggs.
how long should i dip them for.. and can it be tap water or rodi? i only saw one.. and what i picked were not egg sacs, i looked up pics for t hem and they looked nothing alike..
You want to dip them for about 5 minutes. Use RODI water if you can, but if you only have tap available, you can use that too -- just be sure to use a water conditioner. Warm up the water to your tank's temperature and use a buffer to bring the pH up to match your tank's pH. Once it's in the water, you can use a turkey baster to gently blow off anything nasty that you see. The corals will close up -- and will probably stay closed for the next day or two.
That's most likely how it got in there. If it was like mine then they have only been known to eat zoas but, our knowledge on ocean pests in fairly limited, there's a chance it may eat another type of coral.
keep an eye on your frags chances are if theres one theres more. Also look for eggs and do another dip in a few days