Nooooo, ich . :(


Tanerious Swimeroundus
Hey guys unfortuanetly ich has arrived in my tank. It is all over my foxface but not on my clown or wrasse. Is there someone I can quickly set up a tank to put my clown and wrasse in? I have the water and sand and another filter , so could I ? Also is there anyway to cure my display tank? My foxface looks like a teenager with acne :(
You can't cure the display... Any methods that are effective against ich (hyposalinity and copper) will kill the inverts in your tank. You have to remove and quarantine all the fish in your tank. You can't treat just one, because they have all been exposed.

Most people prefer hyposalinity treatment over copper treatment. It seems to be less stressful on the fish. But either way you go, your fish will have to remain in quarantine for about 2 months, and you have to keep your tank fish-less for 2 months.

Is the foxface still eating? Is he being active and swimming? If he is, then another option is to just let him ride it out and recover on his own. Most fish are able to overcome an ich outbreak on their own if they are eating and you have good water quality. But you will still always have ich in your tank, even if you never see it on any fish.
I've gone thru the same thing recently. My display is now empty and will stay that way for about 8 weeks. My remaining fish are in QT. in my research the only way to rid the tank of ich is to keep it fallow (no fish) for 6-8 weeks.

I don't want to have this problem again so all new fish will be QT'd before transfer to the DT.

Good Luck in your battle. I'm pullin for ya.
From what I remember if one of your fish chances are all the fish in your tank have it even if they are not showing it. Also ich only lives on fish so your suppose to qt all your fish and treat the qt tank iirc. Hope that helps!

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