Nitrates still !!!!

So did a water change sunday and tested today to see where im at again, and im finally on the right trck im under 10 ppm for sure maybe even a little closer to 5 ppm, hopefully thos nitrate bio pellets kick it soon and bring it down even more, i know they need atleast 2 to 4 weeks to start working good. Plus i think having the right light on my chaeto has helped also. i no longer see a bunch od split ends from the chaeto everywhere and it seems to be growing nice . So hopefully a combanation of these things and me changing out the filter socks ever 3 days had helped. Hopefully by next week ill be at or under 5 ppm. So these are my reading so far with API Tests.

Nitrate Betwen 5 - 10 ppm
nitrite - 0
amonia - 0
PH - 8.1
KH - 10
phos - 0.25 or less ( water doesnt really change much after i add second solution
cal - test at 500 with API but i know it test about 30 to 40 over salifer. and most people alwys say it test over.

So so far everything is looking way better.