Next Meeting

Friday June 10th or Sunday June 12th. We need a place to meet. I need some input on what works for everyone else.

I'll be on vacation the next 9 days.
I think I have the perfect spot, we will need to bring chairs, I have a 2500 sq ft empty office space on Lee Highway or I also own Christopher's on Brainered rd which of course then we have plenty of chairs, tables, food etc. Doesn't matter to me, with the office space we could tote any type of livestock in with out incuring any health code violations.

I'm writing you from Myrtle Beach!!

The meeting in June will just be to discuss plans for the frag swap. We should just have about 7-10 people sitting down making plans. Whichever works for you is fine with me. I appreciate your assistance.

The actual frag swap will be held at Chattanooga State.

I'm back from vacation.

I can meet on Friday at 8:30 pm. Either place will work for the meeting, and I appreciate your offering. Just let me know which works best for you, so I can tell the rest of the club members.


Friday at 8:30 pm we would be best off meeting at my extra office. The bar will be wide open with noise and smoke by then.
True, we've been there on a weekend night. :grin: The office will be fine. I just need directions to give to the other folks.

After the meeting, those who were so inclined could go over to the bar. :wink:


Club Meeting Friday June 10

Sorry it's short notice folks, but I've been on vacation.

For anyone in the Chattanooga area who wishes to join a club, our meeting is this Friday at 8:30 pm. We're discussing the upcoming Regional Frag Swap on July 23rd and general club development. This will be a big event for our club, and I hope everyone is as excited as I am!

6201 Lee Highway, Next to the Summit Piano, Accross the street from Taco Bell. Its a triangle-shaped, green building with boating supplies on the front side and we will be meeting on the back side that faces Vance Rd and Sam's Club. It currently has a sign above it that says window world. Please bring a folding chair.

For those who wish to participate, we'll be moving on to Christopher's for dining, dancing and refreshments afterward.

Hope to see you there!


The next meeting will be at the Frag Swap July 23rd at Chattanooga State. Too many folks were taking vacation during July to schedule another meeting. If there is something in particular you would like to discuss, just post it here.

One of our members asked about learning to frag corals before the swap, and I am still trying to get a "teacher" on how to do it.