newbie needs help... alot of help


Reefing newb
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Daughter and myself with first reef tank.two nemos so far.tank on day three and counting.need advice
White stuff on liverock.good. bad? How to get rid of and what am I doing wrong? Ill try to send a pic
pics are always helpful, and in general with the amount of things that can crop up in your tank without warning are necessary. I hope that you didn't put your clownfish in after only having your tank up for only three days. Your tank needs to cycle, and putting fish in a three day old tank will result in their deaths (and not nice ones either). I would recommend reading a few books (like the marine aquarium handbook by Martin Moe Jr) and reading A LOT of forum posts to help get started. The people here are very nice, and we'll all help to get your tank going well.

Welcome aboard!