Satin, Lace, and Sequins
A quick intro. I'm just setting up my very first saltwater aquarium. Starting out with a 50 gallon fish only setup, with a couple stars, shrimp, and hermits for cleanliness. I started the cycling process today with live sand and live rock, and am planning on waiting 6-8 weeks before adding any fish. Then I plan on adding a false percula clownfish, a few gobies, a dottyback, a basslet, the inverts, and eventually perhaps a dwarf angelfish or two.

I am using a Marineland Biowheel filter for a 70 gallon tank (I know this isn't strictly necessary for a live rock tank, but I already had it, so why not?), a Remora protein skimmer, and Marineland Double Bright LED lights.

Eventually, if my tank is successful, I would like to attempt keeping corals and an anemone or two.

Any and all advice will be welcome, as up until now I only have freshwater experience!
Welcome to the site, sam....

The reason most of us avoid biowheels is that they can be nitrate factories and just add extra work. If you really want to keep using it, then make sure you shake off the built up gunk on it when you do water changes (just shake it in the old tank water you just siphoned out). But be careful if you take it out completely after establishing your tank -- you could possibly cause an ammonia spike, because you'd essentially be taking out the bacteria that have colonized on that wheel.

And as for anemones, I suggest waiting until your tank's at least a year old, otherwise the unstable water could kill the anemone, which in turn would kill of everything in your tank. Happy thoughts! LOL
Welcome to the site and the hobby. Take the opportunity while your tank cycles to research everything you can, especially the livestock you are planning to put into your tank. Be patient and ask questions (no question is to dumb) the folks on this site can guide you every step of the way.
Hello and Welcome!

Keep an eye on your stocking limit. In saltwater tanks you really only want one small fish for every 10 gallons. Also in a tank your size, you are limited to only one dwarf angel, otherwise they will fight till one dies.
That was actually going to be one of my first questions! I know the rule for freshwater is 1 inch of adult fish/gallon. I was going to ask if the same rule applied for saltwater, but apparently the rule is a little different for saltwater! I'll have to look carefully at which fish I really want to keep. I know a false percula is one I'll be getting. I really like firefish and yasha shrimp gobies. I guess I'm going to have to debate between a Coral Beauty and a Flame Angel! I love both, but (as the Highlander said more than once) there can be only one!