New worm found


Reefing newb
I was pulling the sponges off of my zoas and on one of them, after I put it back in the tank, soon after my cleaner shrimp found this small orange worm that was in it. It wasn't very big and looked to be orange and white not even a quarter of an inch long. Mr. cleaner tore him up and he's gone before I can shoot a pic but just wondered what this kind of worm it is and if good or bad?
Not a fire worm, so unlikely, it is a bristle worm, thats what my money is on.

*Gestures all in* :lol:
Well from what I've read, they are called both bristle and fire worms so.... either way, I read that as long as they aren't disturbing stuff (killing coral etc.) then they aren't necessarily a bad thing to have to it's all good. Thanks for the replies.
I've only heard of 1 kind of fireworm that eats coral and is considered not reef safe( Hermodice Carunculata). And as previously stated, very rare to find in an aquarium. Fireworms are bristleworms...99.9% of the time it's a harmless bristle and beneficial member of the CUC.
Not sure really. Still haven't seen a pic that resembled it. It was very small, small enough for my large cleaner shimp to hold it easily and take care of it. I'm not worried about it at all cause I haven't seen anything else in the tank that would cause concern. Just was wondering what it was. If I can find a pic of it, I'd be able to identify it and know but so far, no go.