New to the forum, but not the hobby


Hello everyone, my name is Bruce and I love the reef aquarium lifestyle. My first attempt in saltwater tanks was back in 1976 when I was 10 years old. Alot has changed since then and I have gone almost full circle in the hobby. Ive had SPS tanks up to 150 gal. Went down many roads and have enjoyed it most of the time. I currently have completely downsized from my biggest tank to my smallest a 14 ga. BioCube that I am not sure i like. I was offered a healthy sum of money to sell my 150 reef sps tank and I bit. I regret it now, but I like the challange of starting over. I also like the extra $120 I am saving on the electric bill.
I hope to learn from your experiences and maybe pick up or share a few DIY tips along the way.