New to reefing but now I have pest...


Reefing newb
I'm new to reefing.....yeah. I had a fish only tank 6 years ago but it been empty for a while now. With my kids being 2 and 4 I found the interest to start a reef tank. I have moded my tank for reef and filled it with about 50 lbs of live rock and 80 lbs of live sand. I found the live sand and rocks on craigslist and the tank has been cycling for a month now. I have the water ready for fish and this weekend my kids picked out some fish. You guessed it Nemo and Dori. Now I have Aiptasia and Copepods that have taken residency. I just purchase some peppermint shrimp and hoping they will take care of my pest. But as far as the Copepods are they a harm?
Welcome to the site! Copepods are not harmful. They are not a pest. They are some of the most beneficial animals you can have in your tank -- they are live fish and coral food and a sign of a healthy system. Aiptasia are pests. If the peppermint shrimp don't clear them up, then I recommend trying some Aiptasia X.
+1 biff... copepods are EXCELLENT... you could always give em to me if you dont want em ;) but yea aiptasia sucks so kill that crap if your shrimps dont.. good luck and welcome!