New to Forum and Hobby!


Reefing newb
Hey Forum! I'm new to this Hobby, as it says, and right now trying to learn as much as I possibly can! I was hanging out at the house one night and thought to myself "should really make a bar/hangout area down in the basement." So walked downstairs thinking up ideas on what I'd like to do. Well some time later (along with a few drinks in) ;) I decided to build a bar and incorporate a saltwater fish tank in the bar! Searching local classifieds I came upon a 180 Gallon tank and went and picked it up. Couple weeks later my fish tank is in the bar (mostly complete) and NOW just trying to get all the plans together to make it fully functional!
Here's the construction so far of stand/bar! And thank you for the welcome and will do on checking out the articles!


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