New Seahorses!


Reefing newb
Father in law asked my wife and I want we wanted to Chirstmas. Our answer? Another pair of seahorses! Upgraded to a 90 gallon about 6 months ago and it has finally settled in and I felt comfortable stocking it up a bit more. Ordered them from Seahorse Source (I wouldn't recommend anyone else, they are simply the best seahorse breeders around) and they arrived yesteday.



And both of them together in their 10 gallon quarantine tank.

They've got about 3-4 weeks in the 10 gallon while I get them trained to each out of a food dish and make sure they're both healthy.
Why you will not recommend the source man.What type of friendly member you are.You must share with others so if any one interested so he can approach the right person.
Uh Mark,
1. Why does it seem like you are speaking in third person?
2. Why are you calling out a member when you have only 5 posts?

not really third person, that would be "mark doesnt like it when you don't share"

I would say mark's first language is not english, since the speech pattern is similar to our indian friends here at work. I would also say that since english is probably not his first language that he may have been confused by the other post's intention/meaning.

however, even with all that said... he still comes across as a jerk haha