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Reefing newb
Hello all,
I am new member here with experience 4 months with 24 Nano Cube and just buy a used 75 gallon saltwater complete system. I would like to learn some from you guys about Reef Tank.
Thanks in advanced.
Mai Nguyen
Welcome to the site.
Both those are great looking setups.But if you want to do a reef in the 75,you'll probably have to replace the sand and rock to get rid of the copper.
i also agre, your going to have to get rid of all your sand and rock, also i noticed you have a blue regal tang in your 24 gallon tank, you need to get him out of there and atleast move him to your 75 if not get rid of him
Hello Yote and Dustine P74,
You think I can clean the tank and filter by Bleach and change new sand and rock, then will be OK. Or I have to change everything start over. Thanks.
if you want to give it a full cleaning then i suggest emptying it and using vinegar to clean it, but im lazy so i would just change the sand and rock
I can you have a HOB overflow ,so your running a sump of some sort.Replace any filter media thats in it.
You'll also have to find another place for the fish untill the tank re-cycles.
But bleach wont take the copper out of the rock and sand.It'll have to be completely replaced.
To get rid of the copper,you'll have to completely break it down and start it all over again.