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hello everybody, i just registered with this site, but i've been keeping fish for nearly 3 years now. I started out with cichlids b/c everyone said that saltwater was way too hard for a beginner. Boy were they wrong. I had nothing but problems with cichlids. most of those problems centered around my most expensive and beautiful fish getting killed off systematically by a cheap and supposedly docile Rusty. My first saltwater experience was with my 10g mixed saltwater tank. it has a 10g sump with tons of chaeto and caulerpa in it. i've had this tank up and running for just under 2 years now with very few issues, other than the hair algae issue that has also spawned issues with keeping algae grazers alive. i have a small ocellaris clown that will be moving into a 56g mixed reef hopefully in the near future and a starry blenny that was supposed to be an algae grazer, but only really likes meaty foods like squid and cyclops. i also have a duncan, trumpet coral, candy cane coral, several mushrooms, kenya tree, a small colony of acans, small fungia plate, some zoas, a small frag of miami hurricane chalice, and a decent sized frag of hollywood stunner chalice. other invertabrates in my tank include a sexy shrimp, a min-maxi anemone, and possibly an anemone crab that i havent seen in a few weeks. my other tank is a 60g fowlr that is currently better described fishless fish-only saltwater tank.
here are some pics i had in my phone, notice the hair algae and the aptasia on my acan. it's nothing like that anymore, peppermint shrimp and a toothbrush removed all of that, and it now has something like 10-12 polyps on it


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