new here, but not to the hobby


TalkingReef Live co-host
hello all !!

i am new to this site (refered by LionFish), but have been in the hobby for about 3 years and fragging corals for about 2 1/2 years. i write articles for an online magazine (Reefreaders - July 2007) and also help my friends on another forum (Talkingreef) with podcast episodes on the hobby. i also sell frags to supplement some of the expenses of the hobby.
Oh ... i am also on the frag committee of my local club (Louisville Marine Aquarium Society :: Louisville Marine Aquarium Society).

current setup ...

125 gallon SPS dominated RR display, 100 gallon (8' long) frag tank, 30 gallon refugium, all plumbed into a 100 gallon rubbermaid sump. total water = 315 gallons.

Display ... 3x250w 10k metal halides and 2x160 actinic VHO supplemental lighting. 6090 GPH of flow.

frag tank ... 4x110w VHO (1 half) and 2x150w halides w/4x96w PC actinics.
1450 GPH of flow.

Skimmer is a 1 of a kind Euro reef knock off that was made for MY system, and has the mesh mod on the needle wheel.
thanks for the welcome and here come the pics ...

equipment first ...