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So hello everyone! My name is Brett and I have a problem... I love Aquariums... lol couldn't help myself.. Ok so a bit about me and what I have...
125 Gallon Reef Tank With a few clusters that I just fragged so now its starting to fill out unbelievably! I will be posting pics on it too! Just wanted to say hey first off! So yea.. Hey.
Ty chi chi im getting some pics together of my tank i only have some old ones but i will be taking new ones when i get home
Hey Brett! Thanks for being here. I'm new too! lol Real new...How long did it take your tank to cycle before your cleaner crew went in?
Lol jc just replied on your other thread, I didnt really per sey need to cycle this tank i bought it 100% set up, water rock and sand i took it all when i got home i set it up again and filled it up witht eh same water i left it for about 3 hrs before i went shopping, and yes it wasnt the smartest idea but all levels were very good and it was clear so I gave it a shot I was lucky, however did have a nitrate issue about a week later I attribute to the sand being agitated and releasing a ton of garbage so thats the only thing I can add about that.