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I have a rather large cinnamon clown fish and let the LPS talk me into a anemone for her. She went to it as soon as I introduced it to the tank. But it hasn't been able to attach to anything, she's knocking it all over the tank. I think she's too big for it maybe. Any suggestions welcome.
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What kind of Anemone is it? Maybe sequester the clownfish for a short period until it attaches itself? Or put the anemone into a container with some sand and a rock it can attache to?
It's a Seabea anemone. I don't have a way to section off the clown. And this is the best I could think of four the anemone in the picture. He did eat a little last night. But he was real slow grabbing and closing up around it.


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I also have a hermit crab with 3 sea anemones on its shell. Those (not sure what kind) seem to be thriving. I was kinda worried about my lighting after reading so much. This is a older set up. Bio balls filtration, t5 lighting ect. I think I'll do some updates on that before I get anything else for my tank. I just don't know what to do with my seabea/clown. He does look better tonight.
go to thr grocery store and buy a basket of tomatoes or fruit or something in one of those plastic mesh baskets. get the one of the bigger ones. makes a great fish cage thats really cheap and gets lots of water circulation. secure it to something sticking out of the water with a zip tie so it doesnt sink or float around the tank. she wont like being in there but it will give the anemone a chance to attach before it decides to get sucked up into something. once it settles give it a couple days to recover before you let the fish go. if your anemone is not at least 4 inch across when open she may kill it with love. make sure you feed the nem regularly til you know it can take the beating she is going to give it. expect her to attack you when you try to feed the nem. piece of whole unshelled shrimp or chunks of whole ungutted sardine etc. are good food. they get a lot of nutrition from the gut, brain etc of the animal you feed them. dont feed a piece any bigger then the size of an eraser from a pencil. sometimes the food will rot before they can eat it all. if ithe nem wont move the food itself then GENTLY place the food right on the edge of the mouth and GENTLY encourage it into the mouth. you nem should be a fleshy pinky-greyish color and the tenticles should feel a little bit sticky. if it has a pale whitish colr and no sticky then its not in good shape. as it recovers it will color up and get tacky and if you dont feed it then it probably wont survive specialy with the clown wallowing in it all the time. if its big enough and looks the way its suposed to then you dont have to feed it, then just let it attach, give it a couple days to recover and away you go. i have a sabea and 2 clarkies. nem was a lovely creamy white color and about the size of a cig pack when it was open. the fish were only about 1 inch long. did research after the fact [stupid me] found out it was badly bleached. fed it for about 6 month twice a wk. started to color up after couple months. now its about 12 inch across when open and i have had it for about 6 yrs. never feed it any more. sabeas want to be on the bottom and bury themselves in the sand under the edge of a rock. if they are in good shape they dont need as much lite as you think. they do need enough current to swish the tenticles around but not enough to pound them. from the lock of your pix it still has good color. catch your fish and put it in the cage. dig a nice depression under the side of the rock where you want the nem. gently swish your fingers through the nem until it closes and place it into the depression. then gently wiggle a smaller rock in and gently squease it to hold it in the depression and then leave the rocks and nem alone. if it likes it there it will attach under the rocks. give it a couple days til its coming out and opening normally let your fish out and bobs your uncle
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