New and need help.


Reefing newb
I have a new 60 gallon tank, 3 nemos, and 1 velvet damsel, a few conch shells from our honeymoon, some live rock, and large wave thing (my brain hurts right now), and a marineland filter system.

I have been using Bio Spira for a few weeks, and algea remover for some brown algea (completely gone now)... this was a quick put together tank to get a grip on things before we move next month.

And 15lbs crushed coral as gravel.

1 bubbler.

ohh and 3 red hermit crabs, and a cleaner shrimp.

All seems to be well, except since using the bio spira all kinds of algea is growing. not sure if good or now. looks a little fuzzy but nothing like cynobacteria.

Could it be coralline??? i tried to wipe it off of a conch shell, and the top layer came off, but the colors remain.


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how old is the tank? how did you cycle the tank? what are the tank parameters (ie ammonia, nitrites, nitrates, ph, salinity, temp)? bio spira should only need to be used once to help with the cycling of the tank. as far as algae that is just part of a new tank as the cycle come to the end you will get brown diatoms witch will go away on their own. as far as coralline algae it doesn't whip off as it is an encrusting algae
It is 2 months old. I used clown fish and damsels. BRon algae was here and gone. Put bio in 3/4 of a bottle after one month. And use it now once a week small splash also still using algae eliminator once a week. And all levels are at the lowest. Ph 8.2 and salinit1.024 temp 78-80
Well what do mean at there lowest ammonia should be 0 nitrites should be 0 and nitrates I try and keep around 5 have u done any water changes and you don't need bio spria any more
Quit using potions on your tank. Second, this is nature, algaes are going to be there. The red algae is cyanobacteria, it means there is an abundance of nutrients feeding it. You need to figure out where they are coming from. Could be anything from over feeding to a part of the conch still in the shell.

You tank is new, it's going to take some time to settle in. You might wan to try adding another piece or 2 of live rock and see what happens.
Thank you for all your help. all my levels are zero. I will be letting it go for a while and just see what happens. I bought about 20 more pounds of rock yesterday. The conche should be empty they have been sitting for about a year.

I found an underground saltwaterer... or atleast thats what he called it last night. visited his home and 20 tanks. and he assured me this is all normal and bacteria is needed good and bad. so i'm settling now... thanks again.