new additions to our family


The Great Tang Herder
picked up these two lil beauties at the lfs. lemon peel and juvie koran. arent they sweet?
sorry guys. i asked the wife to post these pics in the fish photograpy but alas it ended up in here. i am computer illiterate when it comes to uploading pics. i can get to this site and check Emails other then that im a retard.
Sweet koran. I had one last year, it grew fast, started its change to adulthood colors, then died suddenly. Hope you have better luck. Research has shown that Koran angels require a diet of over 70% sponge and spongal matter, the rest is algae and some corals. They love LPS and in my case, SPS polyps. Nice lemonpeel too!
i am nameing the lemon peel petey cause it reminds me of the dog from lil rascals and the koran is gonna be named stripes cause it sounds weird :grumble: