New 125 Gallon Set Up


Reefing newb
Here is the new tank all set up, all inhabitants are doing great! Check it out!



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The move was grueling, but, I already had a plan of action which made life a little easier. We only had one casualty thank goodness. As for the ease of it well, we started out at 7:00 am and was done breaking it down by 9:30-10:00ish. The worst part was setting it all back up. After the exhausting day we waited to set the rest of it up the following day we were both very tired from the move. Everyone is doing great now and thanks for asking.

We needed a lot of :coffeemug that day! Whew!
Here are some more pictures from my tank!


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I see you got one of those rare sawblade yellow tangs.:shock: :wink:

Looks great,Just keep an eye on the parameters for a week or so to make syre you dont have any spike.:D
When I got these fish that is what they all looked like. The Tang was tore up, the poor Foxface has no tail, but, he gets around, the angelfish is deathly looking, and the chromis are new. I don't think the dude who had them knew how to care for them properly. He did not do his homework. I am different however, I know exactly what they need! They will be looking a lot better quickly, and, if you can believe it or not, they already look twice as good as they did the day that I acquired them. I am not lying either.
Our new addition in this tank is our lawnmower blenny, he is very happy right now! We will be watching him for quite a while he is hilarious. He is also happy to be out of that little LFS tank. I will add pictures of him when he settles in soon!