need help IDing starfish


Reefing newb
I need help i have brought back three starfish from the beach that i am going to try to add to my aquarium and am having trouble figuring out what type and what they eat it is blue in the center and orange around the edges and they are right now the size of my palm of my hand i guess that is about 3 inches if someone would please help me i would be very greatful thanks :bounce:
First off I would HIGHLY recommend against doing this.

with that said if you could post a couple pictures it would really help.

Also do you have corals or is your tank Fish Only?
Your bio says you have a 2 gal tank??? must be a mistake. anyway take the starfish back to the ocean and put them back until you can research their needs and provide a suitable environment for them. also you will need to check and see if it is illegal to collect directly from the ocean at the location you got them. I believe at least permits would be required. even seasoned hobbiest would be challanged to keep the stars alive. what was the water temperature you collected them from. you need to maintain 1st of all the water parameters they were in and the temperature, and then proper food and water quality. good luck. not possible to id by description. (collection from the wild without permit not recommended).
DO NOT TAKE THE STARFISH BACK....That can cause havock for mother nature. Try spot feeding them some meaty food. If they don't take it post some pictures and maybe we can be of more assistance.
funny thing about this hobby...

Probably the only thing you can ask three people their opinion on and get four different responses....
i did do all the checks on permits and there were none required the temp outside the water was in the 80's and 90's all week they lived the whole week while we were down there and traveled back alive and are seeming to stablize in my tank and yes there was and error in the tank size i have a 55 gallon tank but i have a smaller tank that i bought to stablize the stars first before i introduced them into the water because i didnt want them to effect my other tank i can post a picture as soon as i figure out how this site works i havent had much time to experiment with it yet thanks if you have anymore questions hit me back asap :bounce:
need help IDing stafish

i havent yet put any corals in the smaller tank but i do have some in the bigger tank is there a specific kind i need to aquire for my stars
I would say more starfish than not are not reef safe, but either way until you know for sure i would keep them out of your reef tank.

Any pictures?
i brought them back from dyatona around the ormound beach area and i think i will wait and see if they are reef safe i will try to get a picture of them when i get home today and post it how will i know if they are reef safe please respond asap :bounce:
Apparently sailfin knew something I did not. some distance exists between your tank and the collection point. anyway you will need to select the advice that most suits your inquiry and follow that. certainly more than one opinion will be provided. rest assured mother nature will not be affected by the minute affect your project will have on wether you keep or dont keep your stars. hope your project is successful, and best of luck. Post your pics and maybe an id can be accomplished.
Need help IDing

i took a water sample of both tanks to the local aquarium store and the smaller tank came up to have to much ammonia in the water is there a way to reduce that or is the sand in the tank the problem i did get the sand from the beach im sorry i have so many questions i really want to learn how to maintain a saltwater tank and start collecting for a nice appearance in my home thanks :frustrat:
how big is the tank in question?

In my opinion it is probably best for you not to use a two gallon tank(if description is right)... Smaller tanks are less forgiving and can make learning and enjoying the hobby hard and frustrating.
it was bought just to try and stablize the stars i know it is hard and frustrating but i did say a 2 gallon tank i have two in there and one in another because it is bigger than the rest . the bigger one seems to be doing better but there is a kind of cob web like material in the tank which is the reason i split up the three what is the webbing i can get a picture when i get off work :frustrat:
good rule of thumb, don't add something to your tank until you know exactly what it will do to your tank. I would avoid collecting anything from close to shore because of pollutants and disease that can easily enter your tank and kill everything. Specimens collected far from shore have a better chance of being healthier (just think of all that people and boat traffic close to shore, oil and gas leaks, pee, chemical dumping, cosmic dust, global warming, oops, sorry, I got carried away - you get my point :mrgreen: ).

With starfish, the longer the legs (arms, whatever) and less "webbing" the better chance it will not destroy your tank (think batik star and chocolate chip star versus my favorite linkia starfish). Good luck, hope this helps.

-Dr Marco :sfish:
Thanks everyone for trying

Thanks people for trying to help me i decided i would trade them to a local fish aquarium and will me getting some fish instead we figured it would be way to hard to try to keep them. now i have to decide what to get lol any suggestions
Good choice,When it comes to fish I have to say wrasses becase of there energy level,I also like clown fish becase of there relationship between one another when paired/with another fish or a rtba...good hunting