Need Ca Reactor input

Jeff P.

Reefing newb
Dear All:

After much research, I've decided to purchase a Ca Rx for my 190G reef tank. I have mostly softies, 13 or so fish (mostly Tangs), anenomes, etc. all controlled by a Neptune Apex.

So far, I have decided to get the following (I am not limiting my budget):

Neptune pm1
Neptune pH probe

For the Co2 tank, I will go to a local beverage supplier, and get one from there, as I understand the C02 they use is a better (food grade) than I'd get elsewhere, and I don't have to be concerned with safety regulations, etc. and get the tank tested every year. I'll just swap tanks when I need a refill. In regards to the tank, does it matter if I get a 5 pound versus 10? I'd rather save the space and get the 5 if it doesn't matter.

Aquarium plants Carbon Doser Electronic Co2 Regulator w/8 digit LCD Counter (non-solenoid FYI, but they say that it is the best out there and that non-solenoid is referred due to longevity).

10' C02 resistant tubing (is this feet of tubing enough if the tank is going to be in the floor below the tank (basement)?

Aquarium plants check valve (medical grade 0.17 psi CRP).

I AM NOT SURE WHAT REACTOR I SHOULD GET. I do want a dual chamber, and have considered:

Super Reef Octopus Super CR 3000D
Marine Technical Concepts ProCal
Vertex (Bulk Reef Supply) RX-C 6D
My Reef Creations CR-2 Dual Reef Creation
Schuran Jetstream 1

I am open to ANY recommendations that are not listed above.

Also, is it agreed that I need the first few items listed?

ANY input is greatly appreciated!
Someone on another forum suggested that I don't need a Ca Reactor at all.

These are the specifics of my tank:

ALL softies
5 Anenomes
3 Clams (1 6', the other 2 are 2-3" all Maximas)
Several Tangs
A lot of Ricordia, and Zoos
1 pretty big Acanastra
Hammer Coral
3 Gonoporas
A few feather dusters
4 small Montipora frags
A few leathers
1 cup coral - about 5" across
Kenya Tree

I thought I needed a Ca Reactor bc whenever I test the levels, they are always off. Maybe it's my testing kit (but I use two and they usually agree).

I started dosing a 2-part Ca/Alk system (Brightwell), but that's a pain in the butt.

Thoughts on if I need a Ca reactor at all?

I wouldn't think you need one yet. I had my system almost completely filled and growing good before I started( heavy on sps). If you want one because it's another gadget, then get it. Yes, the clams will suck up some cal., expecially the 6 inch one but w/c's will take care of most of it.

If you think dosing 2 part is a pain, just wait until you start up that reactor. Fun stuff coming your way!