Need advice about saltwater aquarium, NEW to saltwater

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I am very interested in starting a saltwater tank. I ran across this add on Craigslist and I was wondering if it is worth the money. I also have heard mix reviews about what the price of starting and maintaining a tank is going to be. I asked a friend who has a Saltwater tank and he said that this set up is basically all i would need. I don't need to run a sump tank or a quarantine tank if i did not need to. If i choose to buy this set up, what else would I need for a start up? I live next to the ocean so I am able to get filters salt water, the tank is coming with a couple of live rocks and sand....
And what do articles mean by a salt water tank is going to run you $50 a gallon. Is that for chemicals?
Sorry about the questions, I just need to know before i drop the money and find out I am screwed because I thought it was a good deal.

Here is the link. Input please

Brand New Saltwater Aquarium/Fish Tank with T5 Light Setup!!!
Welcome to the site. I think that's an okay deal, you might try to offer a little less. You will need to fill the tank roughly 1/4 to 1/3 the space of the tank with live rock. You can get mostly dry rock and a few live pieces and it will all be live eventually.
I think they meant you can spend $50 a gallon for a brand new setup with the best reef capable equipment, but you can get started for less.
I don't think you should use salt water straight from the ocean without treating it in some way, you would want to do more research on that.
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