My nova extreme lights

i got the two tube T5 Nova extreme lights for my 28gallon. Anyway, i was reading the other thread about the slimpaqs that came with it and the need to replace them. what should i replace mine with? THe other thread doesnt apply because they were all suggestions for a multiple tube fixture, mine only has two =/ thanks

ps. i might possibly be upgrading in the future to a bigger tank. is there a huge difference between the nova extreme pro (as described in the other thread) and the nova extreme, the multiple tube fixture with lunar lights? what can you keep on either of those? thanks

oh also, would a 55 gallon and a 46 gallon bow front be different in terms of lighting efficiency? i ask because there was another thread about a tank that was 18"wide but 24" deep. is that the case with bowfronts as opposed to the standard rectangular?
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Go with ATI bulbs.They have the best PAR value which is about 30-40% more than the slimpaqs.There were some test done on RC comparing T5 bulbs and the ATI were the best followed closely by UV.

The Nova Pros are 6 bulb fixtures with individual reflectors but no lunar lights.IR help the light penetrate better by causing light from the back of the tube reflect back in the tank.Some say they double the light versus a single parabolic reflector.If you want to be unlimited on corals and clams no matter the placement this would be the best choice provided your tank isn't over 24''

The Extreme are 4 bulb T5 fixture with lunars and a single reflector for all the bulbs..With the exception of the 48'' model which comes in 4 and 8 bulb.Excellent lighting for soft and LPS corals.Perhaps SPS and clams also if kept half way up.I left off the two bulb Extreme fixture,they really should be left for fish only and refugiums.Good enough for some softies,not sure on what else.

55 gallon aquariums are just as deep as my 75 which is 21'' deep.I couldn't imagine a 46g. bowfront deeper than that.My 72g. bowfront is 24'' deep though.
i read in other posts of people using 48" nova pros on a 75. do the mounting legs spread that far? should you get the exact length light to cover the entire tank?
Good stuff. I have a Nova Extreme 4 bulb w/ moonlights and will need to change out the bulbs before long. I originally bought it for my 55, that I tried to drill and destroyed, which is how I got my 90. It's a little underpowered for my 90, but for softies it's fine. I have been wondering about what brand of bulb to get.
As far as the moonlights, I added 1 blue moonlight and want to get another as I don't like the white. I contacted them about changing bulbs, but they were no help. Good, reliable fixture though.
I LOVE the color that my Nova Extreme Pro puts out...I originally went with the Nova Extreme and luckily received a factory blemished unit that I sent back...F&S offered me my Nova Extreme Pro for the same price as the Nova Extreme for their screwup...I was really amazed at the difference in the lighting that the Pro puts out. I'm even more amazed at how cool this light runs...I've had it on for a full 10 hour day and it has absolutely no warmth on the top of the cover...none.